Travel Management Application

International manufacturer needs a travel management software linked to their sales activity.

Leading supplier of steel products in the Asia Pacific construction, engineering and resource project markets. With over 20 years supplying some of the Asia Pacific’s biggest resource, construction and engineering companies they offer a comprehensive range of quality products.

    return on travels with travel management application

Travel Management


Managers wanted to track and measure the return on travels, and fully integrate travels into the sales process. The company was using written travel reports that were stored in folders. Individually saved reports are rarely looked at, which represents a missed opportunity and a lack of control over travel expense.


iExcel designed and implemented a Travel Management application with detailed planning of the travel, customers and / or suppliers met, travel conflict management to avoid two agents from the same company to call on the same customer and / or supplier, visit history and an approval process. Consumed travels require structured reporting with quantification of business acquired when relevant.


The Travel Management application completely changed the way the company travelled. There was much more control on expense but also better follow up of the activity conducted worldwide. This added considerable value to the business.