Customer Relations Management

US fortune 500 company needs a quoting and customer relations management system to support its international operations.

Global security systems, fire protection and flow control company.

    closing business deal thanks to CRM iExcel Hong Kong



Quotations were made on Excel spreadsheets and saved into shared folders. This did not allow for a proper sales follow up, and offered very little control and visibility for managers on the overall sales activity. It is also difficult to manage mulitple international office operations.


iExcel designed and implemented a CRM that structured the sales process. It Categorised sales leads in various stages, allocating them to sales managers, automating the discount structure per item and overall. A notification system is in place for managerial approval, call for action, reminders. Quotations are auto-generated and versioned to follow up the negotiation process. The database is cloud based so that all international offices and users on the move can access the system at any time.


An off the shelve CRM was not an option due to the industry's complexity. With their new system, sales agents are able to have a clear overview of their sales activity, organise it much better, be punctual and reliable on all cutomer's requests. Upper management is able to have a clear understanding of their business be it by sales agent, region, product, product category, quarter, or year on year. Having this level of organised information a their finger tip is a tremendous asset to act quickly and accurately, and to better plan the company's activity.