Budget Consolidator

International Banking Group needs an automated platform for complex and dynamic reporting on consolidated or aggregated entities, businesses and regions.

One of the largest financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe serving 15.7 million clients in over 2,700 branches in seven countries.

    budget consolidator across business entities

Budget Consolidator


The bank manages a large amount of business units in Asia. Montly reporting to headquarter is a highly complex task due to a changing and extensive set of rules that dictate how to handle, allocate and consolidate transactions. The task required the financial team to commit excessive amount of time to prepare those reports.


iExcel organised business process listening and analysis sessions with the teams to fully understand the current activity, the elements impacting the activity and the expected or possible required outputs. Then iExcel formulated a solution that layed out the various business units, their parent businesses and business groups on a clickable map. Each business unit could also be customized with % allocation for income, cost and balance sheet. This allowed users to build and save highly customized reports in a few clicks.


Using an automated tool to produce and report, to analyse data and review in a few clicks a large number of case figures, to considerably suppress human error in the process provided considerable incremental value to the company.