Project Management Application

Global leader in luxury retail needs an automated platform to manage multiple projects across the globe with inputs from contractors and team members.

World’s leading luxury travel retailer. Pioneer in global luxury travel retail, offering its customers a carefully curated selection of exceptional products from over 700 of the most desired brands through 420 boutiques on four continents.

    project management application for luxury retail company

Project Management


The headquarter oversees multiple projects each involving multiple retail outlets across the globe. Contractors in each country use low tech tools, and tracking project advancement is highly time consuming.


iExcel designed and built a structure that allows contractors to fill up simple Excel sheets that focus on their own projects. Those spreadsheets are automatically consolidated into a major project management platform managed by the global project manager. Contractors are able to customise their tracking sheet according to their needs without affecting data flow and integrity of the master spreadsheet. Project manager is able to pull and push data for optimal control and task allocation.


Connecting teams and contractors across the globe to coordinate projects provided a high level of cohesion between stakeholders. Teams could easily interact with contractors as well as feed continuous information to the headquarter. The project master is able to review and analyse project advancement in real time. Pushing new instructions also becomes very easy thanks to the synchronization of custom spreadsheets. The learning curve for contractors is made easy as they can keep on working on templates they know, that they can customise to their needs, while all the rest is automated.