Online Training

Ensuring maximum knowledge retention of Microsoft Excel is achieved through interactive and hands-on training. It is essential that the training be conducted in a stimulating environment that addresses learner diversity, and where one can easily ask questions. The trainers should be able to monitor and challenge the participants during the learning modules. It is equally important that those modules are separated by practice sessions where participants can put their newly acquired skills to the test while receiving individual support form the trainers.

That is the reason why iExcel's Microsoft Excel online training courses are delivered on an online platform that allows learning modules to be covered in a main virtual training room with intermittent practice sessions organised in virtual break out rooms; the trainers are able to jump from room to room to provide support and guidance to the participants. Unlike webinars, iExcel's online training solution allows to keep participants engaged and on-track, and to maintain the benefits of a physical Excel training while being online.

Dedicated to large and smaller corporations iExcel offers a range of online training options with our three main levels (Excel Foundation, Excel Intermediate and Excel Advanced) each split into 2 three-hour-online-sessions or 3 two-hour-online-sessions according to customer's preference and availability.

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The right training

The level

Three levels are available: Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced. It is paramount each participant receives the right training, in a group of similar skills. To this end iExcel provides small tests that help us allocate participants based on current skills.

Maximum retention

The method

Our training methods are based on active thinking and practice to ensure maximum knowledge retention. Trainers provide a dynamic and interactive approach requiring full involvement of the participants through problem solving and other exercises. This approach helps build logical thinking that translates into efficient and intelligent use of Excel.

Online training

The location

Since 2011 iExcel has specialised in corporate training. Our online training courses are delivered from our premises to your premises.