Airline Catering ERP

Global airline caterer needs an integrated system to manage, claculate and plan operations from raw material ordering, to menus and recipe management, and pricing.

Leading airline-catering and cabin-cleaning company active at 31 airports in 19 countries with 10,500 employees. It also runs non-airline business for 21 locations in 18 countries.

    ground crew ERP software to manage air catering

Airline Catering ERP


When preparing in excess of 10,000 meals a day, a large airline catering operation requires a comprehensive and user-friendly system to manage every single step of the operation.


iExcel designed a comprehensive system that managed customers, meal rotations, meal trays, menus, recipes, sub-recipes, ingredients, yield, cost, price and all the aspects of transforming ingredients into airline meals for different class accurately. The system is integrated to the stock management system and the accounting system.


A bespoke system allowed for a complex operation to handle a large number of flights and grow the activity steadily.