Airline Meal Forecasting

Global airline catering company requires an integrated forecasting system to cope with the highly volatile order volumes.

Leading airline-catering and cabin-cleaning company active at 31 airports in 19 countries with 10,500 employees. It also runs non-airline business for 21 locations in 18 countries.

    businessman looking at airline catering forecasting system

Airline Meal Forecasting


When preparing in excess of 10,000 meals a day, a large airline catering operation requires a way to accurately forecast meals, handle last minute changes and unexpected requests.


iExcel designed and developed a forecasting software that allows to plan the activity including production and stocks for 3 months, with daily fine tuning of next months and on-day final order.


The use of a custom forecasting system allowed for much better meal and roster planning, less waste and better use of the workforce.