Project Management Application

International manufacturer wants project management platform to manage large scale construction projects across the globe.

Leading supplier of steel products in the Asia Pacific construction, engineering and resource project markets. With over 20 years supplying some of Asia Pacific’s biggest resource, construction and engineering companies they offer a comprehensive range of quality products.

    project management application for water pipe engineers

Project Management


Construction projects require the coordination and approval of many involved parties located in many different countries. Suppliers, designers, constructors are key elements, and their ability to provide the right service and material and the right time and within the right deadlines, and the ability to manage all those parties to comply decides whether a project is won or lost. To manage this process the company needed a centralised system.


iExcel designed a user-friendly system that allowed to follow up projects, highlighting critical phases and follow up with key involved parties. The system is cloud based.


Thanks to the new system, greater coordination is possible. Upper management can control and amend priorities adequatly. Increased business visibility permits enhanced and timely decision making. Data is secured and consolidated.