Hotel Opening Financial Planning

Leading hospitality group wants an automated pre-opening budgeting platform.

Hospitality leader offering the most powerful portfolio in the industry, with 30 brands and 7,000+ properties across 131 countries and territories to give people more ways to connect, experience and expand their world.

    hotel automated financial planning

Hotel Financial Planning


Opening a large amount of hotels across the globe requires experienced teams armed with the right tools to plan but also quickly modify parameters as projects change and eveolve. The company was in search of a custom and automated tool to support their activity.


iExcel worked together with the company financial and hotel pre-opening teams to set up a system that automates most of the tasks. The interface is connected to a number of systems and data sources so that relevant data is pre-populated based on chosen parameters. The solution is quick and felxible allowing high levels of customization.


Working using a common structure, and being able to control the data used in a secured manner with various levels of permissions provides a whole new way of approaching these multiple projects. More projects can be handled better and more accurately.