Dive Management Application

Worlwide famous entertainment company needs a simple system to manage complex dive scheduling.

Creative company specializing in the creation of large scale theater shows.It has created in excess of forty "permanent shows", in addition to events in more than 12 countries across Europe, the Middle East, in the United States, South America and Asia.

    large scale theatre dive management application control room

Dive Management


The show requires 25 divers in a pool at any given time handling a set of 35 pieces of machinery and ensuring performer's safety at a 12 meter depth. The operation is complex, and involves strict safety measures; it needs to be handled with high level of accuracy and professionalism. Scheduling is a challenging task providing incompatible tasks, compulsory resting time, task rotations, team rotations, training and skill levels.


iExcel built a visual scheduling platform that alowed to plug divers to a scheduling board according to all the safety constrains and other restrictions. In addition to a leave module, a training and skillset module were also added in order to follow up and promote diver's abilities, which in turns facilitated scheduling.


Faster and more accurate scheduling together with thorough follow up of required training and skill acquisition allowed for a much smoother operation, a director more available to its team, better control and a happier team.