Stock Management

Global airline caterer requires a highly performant and custom stock management system

Leading airline-catering and cabin-cleaning company active at 31 airports in 19 countries with 10,500 employees. It also runs non-airline business for 21 locations in 18 countries.

    Stack hemp stock management software

Stock Management


When preparing in excess of 10,000 meals a day, a large airline catering operation must be able to rely on excellent stock management. A dedicated system is paramount to accomplish this task correctly.


iExcel designed a stock management software that integrated with other production applications. It manages suppliers, tenders, items, changing prices, perishability, minimum and maximum orders and re-order thresholds with alerts. Access rights allow various users to perform specific tasks.


Managing stocks is crucial to the smooth operations of large productions. This integrated application made a big difference, and ensured steady supply of items and prodcuts.