Hotel F&B Forecasting

Leading Hospitality Group wants a structured and automated Food and Beverage forecasting solution.

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Hotel F&B Forecasting


A fair share of the hotels do not have a forecasting system for their Food & Beverage operations. Being able to predict demand in multiple outlet properties, catering to various markets with different table turnover, opening hours and number of services is a complicated, time-consuming task, yet it is crucial for the whole organisation for financial, operational and commercial planning.


iExcel built up an automated forecasting platform with 2 goals: first minimize user input and time spent, second forecast accuracy. Thanks to careful listening and planning of the model, based on standards and new forecasting best practices, iExcel together with the hotel conpany's top experts delivered a user-friendly, accurate and intelligent forecasting solution.


Food & Beverage teams are able to plan and understand their demand much better. Headquarters and executive teams are able to pinpoint and discuss issues and opportunities swiftly. Communication with propoerty owners is more transparent.