In Excel foundation you will make your first step with the system. Learn basic features of the program such as using and customizing the framework, worksheets and workbooks, selection, copy and paste techniques, basic formatting, formulas and charts. The foundation training provides crucial thinking methods and approaches that are essential to a healthy Excel learning curve. This training is recommended to most users including those with some general knowledge of Excel.

A test is available at the end of each course and a certificate will be issued to successful participants.

The right training

The level

Three levels are available: Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced. It is paramount each participant receive the right training, in a group of similar skills. To this end iExcel provides small tests that help us allocate participants based on current skills.

Maximum retention

The method

Our training methods are based on active thinking and practice to ensure maximum knowledge retention. Trainers provide a dynamic and interactive approach requiring full involvement of the participants through problem solving and other exercises. This approach helps build logical thinking that translates into efficient and intelligent use of Excel.

On site training

The location

Since 2011 iExcel has specialised in corporate training. Our training are delivered in your premises.