HR Management Software

Investment management group needs to set up and implement a human ressources management system.

One of Asia’s largest independent alternative investment management groups that focus on private equity, real estate, and absolute returns.

    Successful HR management through HR software iExcel Hong Kong

HR Management Software


The company could not find an off the shelve human resources management system that provided a comprehensive solution to their needs.


iExcel worked together with the customer to build an integrated bespoke human resources management system. The product was a perfect match for the company's human resources needs. It was built in a very user-friendly manner making it very easy to use and access information. Access rights ensures that data is kept confidential by region and function.


Rapid access and centralization of the information allowed for structured and standardized capture of the information across the globe while allowing for the regional human resources requirement and government compliance. It also allowed headquarter to have a full visibility of the manpower, compensation packages, promotions, working visas, birthdays, background checks, training and performance evaluations.